The Succession Conversation - Succession Planning made easy

How does
Succession Conversation work?

Holding an open meeting is the best way to formulate the plan.  It is recommended that all family members attend because experience has shown that when people are excluded from the process they tend not to engage in the outcome.  Also, given that divorce and the contestation of wills/transfers can be the two major threats to a succession plan, everyone needs to attend the succession planning meeting. 

Family Communication

– A Vital Component

Ineffective family communication can act as one of the biggest blocks in getting started on your succession plan. To be effective, it is important that the family themselves devise the succession plan and not have it imposed on them by professionals. The needs of the family and the business have to be balanced.  One size does not fit all because each family is unique. 


  • Do you think YOUR succession plan would be different if the family talked together about the issue of succession planning?
  • Do you think conversations about succession planning within the family would be useful? If so, in what way? If not, what do you think the outcome would be?
  • Would you have any fears about having these kind of conversations?


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